Levelling Cultivators

Levelling Cultivators



Levelling cultivation performed a few days before the seedbed cultivation slows down and stabilises the soil drying process, facilitating ideal sprouting. Levelling should be performed at a stage where furrow ridges have dried up, but the furrows contain humid soil. Correctly timed levelling cultivation helps improve crop yield while improving quality due to even ripening.

Potila levelling cultivators provide efficient levelling with a single run. The cultivators provide an even more efficient levelling than S-tine harrows. The furrow ridge is levelled with sturdy blade elements. The adjustable rear drag finishes the levelling, allowing for seedbed cultivation at full speed.

Herkules 800 and 1000, heavy duty, four-axle levelling cultivators

  • Two working widths, three sections and four blade bars
  • Hydraulic working depth control with four 340/55-16 wheels
  • Dual function hydraulics allows for the centre of gravity of the wheels to be moved in difficult terrain
  • Bolted blade units in diagonal positions provide excellent crumbling efficiency
  • Blade spacing approximately 25 cm with blade height of 80 mm
  • Adjustable rear drag with suspension
  • In good conditions surface levelling is enough
Technical tables
Specifications Herkules 800 Herkules 1000
Weight, kg 2570 2890
Working width, m 8 10
Number of blade bars, pcs 4 4
Number of blades, pcs 128 160
Blade height, mm 80 80
Power requirement, kW / hp 88/120 110/150
Hydraulics couplings, single/dual function -/2 -/2
Transport width, m 3,1 4,1
Number of wheels 4 4
Wheel size 340/55-16 340/55-16
Towing device type Towable Towable
Depth control, H=hydraulics H H